Using Vinyl Decals for Your Business


You have a lot of options when it comes to the type of signage you want to use for your business. But if you’re trying to maximize your exposure while working within a specific budget, then vinyl decals might be the best choice for you. At RAM Studios Signs, we will work with you to create the right vinyl decals for your business goals. Here are four reasons why you should consider using vinyl decals for your next business move.


Unlike signs made from other materials, vinyl decals are an excellent, affordable alternative to other materials. For a quote on your vinyl decal order, give us a call at 505.326.5801.


Decals can be used on a wide array of surfaces including windows, mirrors, walls, floors, vehicles and much more. Vinyl decals are also highly customizable to suit your particular needs. The best part about vinyl decals is that when you are done using them, they come off the surface easily. And while vinyl decals are long-lasting, you can use them for however long you need, with the average lifespan being 5-7 years.

Vinyl decals that we did for the Maurice Sendak exhibit at the Farmington Public Library this past spring.

Use to Promote Special Events

Are you hosting an event that you want the public to know about? Vinyl decals are a great option for advertising these special events. This past summer, we were given the opportunity to help the Farmington Public Library with their Maurice Sendak exhibit. We designed and installed monster tracks leading into the library, as well as the wall art inside the library. This proved to be a very unique and affordable way for the library to promote their exhibit locally.

Introduce New Products/Services

Vinyl decals are an excellent way to provide passersby with valuable information regarding your business. For example, if you are having a grand opening or just started carrying a well-known product in store, then vinyl decals will convey this information to anyone walking by your brick and mortar location.

Advertise Sales

Chances are that if you’re running a sale, it’s only going to be for a limited time. Vinyl decals are an excellent choice for this specific reason. Use the decals to attract potential customers, while also providing more information about the sale, such as what the sale entails (i.e. 25% off) and how long it is running for.

Whether you are advertising your grand opening, promoting an event or sale, or showcasing a new product, vinyl decals might be the best fit for your business goals. For more information, give us a call at 505.326.5801 or stop by our location at 1111 San Juan Blvd. in Farmington.

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