Leading Customers with Wayfinding Signage


Is it easy for customers to find their way in your business?

When you hear the words wayfinding signage, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably the directional signs leading people to bathrooms or elevators. But in this day and age, here at RAM Studios Signs, we know that wayfinding signage is more important than ever. In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, your business likely needs to redirect your clients in a number of new ways. 

What Exactly is Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding refers to all the things that provide orientation and instruction to a visitor of any place, from the mom and pop shop on the corner to bank branches and large retailers. 

Wayfinding signs can make a real difference in creating a positive visitor and customer experience. Think of it as signage to ease the flow of visitors. From directions to a newly utilized entrance, to directional shopping aisles or recently adopted health standards, these signs are becoming paramount in the safe running of your business. 

Directional Signage

Directional signs help people to find their way within your business, a particularly important task for stores, which may be rerouting their clients to better perform capacity counts, or reroute traffic flow for social distancing. For those planning to institute permanent changes, an aluminum sign, or mounted acrylic sign may be for you. For companies planning temporary adjustments, consider A-frame signage, or durable, removable floor decals. In the past, floor decals were usually considered a marketing tool, but COVID-19 brings a new norm with it: social distancing. A well-designed floor decal can help give clear direction to clients about how far away to stand from one another or from your staff without the need to rearrange the interior of your business.

Clarifying Signage

As much of the nation self isolates, businesses are being asked to adjust their policies, building capacities and operating hours. While it is critical to comply with local regulations, it’s also essential to keep your customers informed about what they can expect. Clarifying signs help advertise your business’ changes to your clients. An added convenience that can help your clients stay loyal to your business during an otherwise trying time. Clarifying signage can help convey changes such as switching from dine-in to carry out, altered hours, mask requirements, policy adjustments and more. Window clings are a great option for lower-cost, disposable clarifying signage.

Personal Hygiene Signage

Part of staying open is keeping your team healthy. We can provide you with signs reminding staff and clients of the importance of thorough handwashing, covering coughs and other safety guidelines. We can also create signs to indicate areas that are temporarily closed for uninterrupted cleaning or other precautions in the area. As the Center for Disease Control continues to adapt their standards to the knowledge at hand, you must have the appropriate signs to inform your staff and clientele of the proper precautions. 

Compliance Signage

As your business adapts to the times, make sure you remain in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. You may be considering the shift to only one entrance or exit, redirecting traffic for safety or changing the function of various areas. Remember, if you’re making a change that will last for more than seven days, you will need to update your signs to reflect this. If your signs aren’t updated, your company is no longer in compliance. 

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We know that in this time of uncertainty, properly directing your staff and customers is more important than ever. As information changes, informing the public of new directives is critical.

Whether you need indoor or outdoor signage, long-term or disposable solutions, we’re here to support you. Ram Studios Signs cares about you and your business. We’ll help your business find a solution that works for you. 

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