Channel Letters 101: Providing a personal approach to your business signage


You have options when it comes to kind of signage that you want to use for advertising your business location; however, one style in particular will help improve your business recognition.

We’re talking about channel letters.

Channel letters are a great option for most businesses due to their sturdiness and easy customization. If you’re interested in using channel letters in your own business signage, contact RAM Studios Signs to set up a consultation and find out which style is best for your business’s particular goals.

What are channel letters?

Chances are that you’ve seen channel letters; you just didn’t know them by the appropriate name. Channel letters are the common 3-D signs used by businesses. They are often made with a heavy-duty metal such as aluminum and lit up using LED or neon lights. Several options exist for the lighting style on channel letters: front-lit, halo-lit, open face, front and reverse lighting.

How are channel letters made?

To begin, the letter backing is cut using a computer to ensure that the letter layout is precise and meets the style requirements of the client.

Next, the letter sides are cut and skillfully bent to fit the letter backing. The backing and sides are then welded or riveted together. If needed, the metal is painted, then fitted with the appropriate lighting.

Once lighting is installed, the top is covered with polycarbonate or acrylic sheets, which are designed to fit snugly in order to keep them in place. Finally, the letters are fitted with a trip cap border to produce the finished look.

Why you should use channel letters

Aside from being one of the most popular choices for business signs, channel letters offer many advantages.

The care and time taken to fabricate each sign creates a quality product. Therefore, channel letters are very durable and can withstand the elements. The use of aluminum in channel letters means the sign won’t rust, and will last for decades when cared for and maintained properly. If for some reason you experience an issue with your channel letters, RAM Studios Signs can quickly and easily repair channel letters faster than other types of signs.

Channel letters are attractive and eye-catching, especially at night when the lighting is in use. When using with LED lights, channel letters are also more energy efficient and save you money in the long run.

If you’re looking for a custom sign and versatility, then channel letters are the best option for your business. Channel letters can be fabricated using an array of fonts, colors and sizes, thus helping you to stand out from the competition.

Channel letters are an excellent fit for any business, and we want to help your business gain recognition and bring in more business. When you are ready to start designing your own channel letter sign, contact RAM Studios Signs for fast and professional service!

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