Banners: Different Styles and Why You Should Use Them for Your Business or Event


In today’s digital age, banners are often overlooked as an effective form of signage; however, a well-designed banner is still capable of catching a prospective customer’s attention. At RAM Studios Signs in Farmington, New Mexico, we have the tools to accomplish projects that exceed our customer’s banner needs. Here is what you need to know about using banners for your business or event.


Banner Materials

Banners come in many different materials and styles.

Vinyl banners are the most popular style of banners. Vinyl is a durable choice and works well both indoors and outdoors. If you do choose to go with vinyl, it is important to understand that larger banners can be quite heavy and may require a hand or two to set up; and if not stored properly, they can crease.

Mesh banners are permeable, allowing wind to pass through the banner rather than turning it into a sail. Mesh banners are an excellent choice for outdoor placement, as they can better withstand harsher conditions and inclement weather than other materials.

Fabric banners are typically made from polyester or satin, which allows the colors and graphics on the banner to pop. Fabric banners are machine washable, quick and easy to set up and best used indoors. They do not do as well as vinyl or mesh banners when exposed to the elements.


Using Banners for Business

Banners are a cost-effective option when compared to other types of business signs. Banners also allow you to experiment with color combinations and fonts before committing to a long-term banner solution.

Banners are also an effective means to advertising sales. If your business runs an annual sale, then banners can be used year after year, reducing the cost while increasing awareness of the specials you are running. According to the International Sign Association, Best Buy discovered that nearly 17% of its customers were impulse buyers that stopped at the store simply by seeing their signs. Pair that with sale banners and you’re bound to grab a few passersby attention.

Using Banners for Events

Whether you are hosting a public or private event, using banners for your event can be used for a multitude of reasons: helping attendees locate the event, directing them to other areas within the location such as bathrooms or concessions and providing information to attendees about the event itself.

Since banners are easier to set up and less bulky than other sign options, they are an ideal option for your next event’s signage.  


At RAM Studios Signs, our 64″ wide format solvent inkjet 6 color printer has enabled us to accomplish projects that fill all of our customer’s needs. To discuss your banner options and get started today, call RAM Studios Signs at 505.326.3801.

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